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F. J. Nascimento, based in Switzerland, is a seasoned songwriter and composer with extensive experience spanning multiple decades and genres. Influenced by an eclectic array of musical masters including the Beatles, Eagles, Tchaikovsky, Kansas, Little River Band and many more, Nascimento brings a unique touch to his music.

Frank NascimentoDrawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, Nascimento's personal style shines through in his compositions, which often blend elements from various genres while retaining his distinctive voice.

With over 30 years of experience as a singer and musician, Nascimento boasts a comprehensive understanding of musical arrangements and professional recording techniques. He has served as a music director, vocal arranger, sound engineer, and performer across numerous projects, showcasing his versatility as a lead singer, backing vocalist, bassist, and guitarist.

Nascimento's adaptability enables him to compose for a wide range of contexts, making him well-suited for film and TV productions. To further hone his craft, he pursued a certificate program at Berklee College focusing on Jingle Writing, Songwriting for Film and TV, and Music Composition for Film and TV, earning recognition as a Specialist in General Music Studies.

Professional Profile

Proficient in the art of songwriting, composition, and performance catering to the discerning needs of media professionals.

Experience in Songwriting and Composition: Professional Experience Educational Background

Specialist Certificate

Specialist Certificate

Berklee College Of Music

The Professional Certificate in General Music Studies consisted of the following courses:

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